Footwear Industry


Footwear industry in India is very big is having many thing in it . Starting From Down their Labor Workers From Small Cities works in footwear manufacturing units they work according to guidance of industry owners. Shoe Industry owners find a design which is running in market find purchase raw products also known as footwear components like SR Based Adhesives, PU Based Adhesives, Adhesive Hardeners, PVC Sole Cleaners, T.P.R. Primer, Liquid Latex Rubber, EVA Sheets, Micro Rubber Sheets, Cotton Coated Fabrics, Leather Boards, Velcro Tape, PVC Sole and their are so many products available with component suppliers then make that design Master Design after approval from Various Shops / Mall Owners . After Designing work gets completed now come work of production. Some Times designers according to the usage / guidance of big infrastructure-rich towns mall owners also.

Display houses have a big clientage outside India they cover more then 100 of small shoe factories. This makes footwear units in the town to run at less than 50 percent of their production capacity.

Company Infrastructure


Big Footwear Factory has his Own Skilled Labor Work is divided in parts Labor Department , Designing Department, Quality Department, Production Department , High level ( CEO , GM , Managers) ,Marketing Department ,Company Outlets, Retail Shoe Stores.

First Company Analysis Market and Make a Exact Information about customer choice & needs . Then that information goes to Company High Level ( CEO , GM , Managers) they are decision makers figure it out how much profit and loss in design then instructions are given to designing department they make many designs in different materials then when design get final . Advertise about the products in the market. Send their material into Company outlets and Retail shoe stores also.

Due to Chinese products a big competition comes in the market as China is No 1 Footwear market and products are also cheap as compare to Indian products but due to less credit facility they are giving to Indian footwear importers is looking not to work them and due to new government policy Chinese products 30% more costly.

Indian Leather Industry with help with fashion industry is Going on High according to customer needs and requirements.

According to Indian Footwear Industry Analysis growth of 20% is there in Next coming year 2008 - 2011.As the trend is growing Indian footwear market relies on Men's Footwear and also Casual footwear's.

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